Lord of the Nations Church and Bishop Romy Abellar

Bishop Romy Abellar

Church History

     It was in the morning of August 3, 2001 that he heard the Lord spoke to him that “The work is done. I am
sending you forth again. Great and mighty things will follow.” With the resolved to follow God’s voice, he resigned from his position as Elder Disciple of the El Shaddai Movement. Many of the workers under him wanted to follow but he knew that this bold instruction meant that they had to hear first the Lord’s instructions for this pioneering work. Many received confirmation, boldly stepped forward and painstaking the risk despite the challenge of receiving no allowance as church workers, thus, the church Lord of the Nations (L.O.T.N) was birthed.

      From a humble office in Instruccion St. Sampaloc, Manila measuring about 15sq.m, with just a handful faithful church workers, L.O.T.N grew rapidly. Many came from all over the Philippines, namely from Tuguegarao, Roxas City, and Samar to join. Some even came from other countries- Hongkong, USA, Japan, London and Canada.

      On September 9, 2001 the church held it’s first service at the Shangri-La Plaza and held service there for 3 months. The church membership grew and need to find a permanent place was realized. In March 2002, the church moved to its present Guadalupe location.

      During its first year L.O.T.N grew to 27 churches on its 2nd year, the number of churches continued to grow to 37 and on its 3rd year the Lord continue to add more. There are now 92 churches after 9 years of L.O.T.N’s establishment. Glory to God!

      The birth of the Lord of the Nations Church is the result of the obedience and commitment of its Pastor and Founder,BISHOP  Romeo “Romy” B. Abellar.

      Ptr. Romy came to know the Lord in 1984 and has served in the ministries such as Christ for Every Home Movement, Jesus Loves You Celebration Church and Prayer Partners Foundation, Inc. of El Shaddai. He served faithfully in these ministries for a span of 17 years until such a time when his spirit was stirred up by the word from the Lord to plant and head a church.



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